• Glass showcase

    Glass showcase

    Titanium alloy showcases and wooden glass showcases are the company’s flagship products. The surface of the aluminum material is anodized, sprayed and plated. The color is bright, the color is bright, the metal texture is rich, and the fire panel combination matched with the color can mak...
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  • The role of 6 different style showcases

    The role of 6 different style showcases

    Different styles of showcases, different sizes of showcases, have different roles in the store. Today’s treasure showcase will come with you to see how the different sizes and different styles of showcases play in the store. 1.High cabinet The industry is also called the back cabinet, the h...
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  • How to choose the showcase, you will not suffer!

    How to choose the showcase, you will not suffer!

    At present, you can choose three ways to purchase the showcase: purchase the standard; make the scene; customize the showcase. When you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of these three options, you will find that when you choose the showcase customization, you are still relative...
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  • Display cabinet purchase method

    Display cabinet purchase method

    In order to better highlight the display effect of display cabinets and display stands, people should be embarrassed when purchasing display cabinets and display stands. They should be purchased according to the needs of display products. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing: 1. ...
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